The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine

Ross Onley, Author, speaker and editorial consultant was the invited guest at the May 22nd Kiwanis meeting, He spoke of the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine (also known by similar names) is, according to legend, a rich gold mine hidden in the southwestern United States. The location is generally believed to be in the rossolney1Superstition Mountains, near Apache Junction, east of Phoenix, Arizona. There have been many stories about how to find the mine, and each year people search for the mine. Some have died on the search.

The mine is named after German immigrant Jacob Waltz (c. 1810–1891), who purportedly discovered it in the 19th century and kept its location a secret. (“Dutchman” was a common American term for “German”.)

The Lost Dutchman’s is perhaps the most famous lost mine in American history. People have been seeking the Lost Dutchman’s mine since at least 1892, while according to one estimate, 8,000 people annually made some effort to locate the Lost Dutchman’s mine. Some argue that there is little or no evidence for the mine’s existence, but others say that the main components of the story have at least some basis in fact.

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